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What Makes A Serial Killer? Common Traits and Characteristics [Infographic]

Psychological research has been making some headway in discovering the key traits and characteristics common in serial killers.  Furthermore, this research highlights just how...

Inside The Brain of a Serial Killer [Infographic]

Serial killers continue to fascinate with the developing fields of psychology, criminology and neuroscience all looking to find out more about their minds and...

The Life Of Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline – Book Review

Serial killer Ted Bundy was a handsome and charming man at first glance, but he was a man who harboured dark thoughts and sinister intentions. A man who just before his execution, after receiving three death sentences for his crimes, confessed to the murder of 30 other women.

Neurocriminology: Experts Predict The Criminal Mind [Infographic]

Neurocriminology is the study of understanding the brains of criminals. It seeks to identify those with genetic or neurological predispositions in a hope to find a treatment or prevention strategy.
Electrical signals in human brain

Looking For Psychopaths In All The Wrong Places: fMRI In Court

Of the current uses of psychiatry in legal settings, the claim that psychopaths can be identified through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is among the most worrisome.
Violent and Agression - The Nature-Nurture Debate

Nature and Nurture: The Origins of Violence

There are so many aspects of human behaviour that still baffle us as researchers, scientists and psychologists.  Why some people exhibit violent and aggressive...

The Brain of Serial Killers And Psychopaths

The brutal crimes of serial killers are regularly considered to be evil, but what makes one person evil and another not? Neuroscience is becoming...
The Columbine Effect

The Columbine Effect and Mass School Shootings

The Columbine High School mass shooting on 20th April 1999 signified a terrifying change in mass violence and the use of guns in schools,...

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