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What Makes A Serial Killer? Common Traits and Characteristics [Infographic]

Psychological research has been making some headway in discovering the key traits and characteristics common in serial killers.  Furthermore, this research highlights just how...
Masking Evil by Carol Anne Davis

Masking Evil: When Good Men And Women Turn Criminal

Masking Evil by Carol Anne Davis examines 37 killers, all were in good solid professions but revealed their hidden capacity for the darkest of crimes.
Healthcare nurse Victorino Chua

Stepping Hill Angel of Death Nurse Victorino Chua Appeal Bid is Rejected

Healthcare nurse Victorino Chua, jailed for life with a minimum of 35 years in May 2015 for the murder of two patients at Stepping...

The Life Of Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline – Book Review

Serial killer Ted Bundy was a handsome and charming man at first glance, but he was a man who harboured dark thoughts and sinister intentions. A man who just before his execution, after receiving three death sentences for his crimes, confessed to the murder of 30 other women.

Are Narcissists Dangerous? The 9 Traits of a Narcissistic Personality [Infographic]

Many of us are narcissists. We have a sense of ourselves; we can be selfish, vain and arrogant. Few of us however, have enough...

David Koresh: The Rise and Fall Of The Branch Davidians

As one of the most memorable cult leaders, David Koresh was a man with arrogance and grandeur. The leader of the Branch Davidians, his...
Healthcare serial killers

Healthcare Serial Killers: Doctors and Nurses Who Kill

For victims and their families this is an unimaginable crime. The so called ‘angel of death’ nurse is a nurse who has taken it...
Narcissistic rage

When Narcissistic Rage Ends In Murder

It is almost unheard of for one individual to have all nine traits on the narcissistic scale but those who do have the potential...

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