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Andrea Yates

The Andrea Yates Case: A Tragedy Born From Postpartum Mental Illness

On 20th June 2001 in Houston, Texas, Andrea Yates drowned her five children one after the other in the bathtub of her family home. Four sons, John (5), Luke (2), Paul (3) and Noah (7), and one daughter Mary, just 6 months old.
Jennifer Pan was convicted in December 2014 of first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to murder, alongside her co-accused, Lenford Crawford, David Mylvaganam and Daniel Wong.

Jennifer Pan: The Girl Next Door Who Arranged Her Parents Murder

The Jennifer Pan case features some unique characteristics within the dark world of parricide. In Ontario, Canada in 2010 a home invasion became national...

The Moral Judgement On Woman Who Kill Their Babies

The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news, research, analysis and commentary committed to knowledge-based, ethical and responsible journalism....
A study from the Netherlands studied the self-reports of victims who had experienced abuse and criminal victimisation because of their mental illness.

The Risk Of Criminal Victimisation In Mental Health Outpatients

The majority of scientific research carried out in mental health has focused on those with mental illness being those who commit violent acts against...
Familicide is characterised by multiple victims of homicide within the same family and where the perpetrator is also a member of that family.

Familicide: Multiple Victim Homicide Within One Family

Familicide is a crime that has invoked horror and fascination in equal measures. For those with an interest in why such horrific crimes take...
Within siblicide, as with any homicide, there is always the question of motive. Why would anyone kill their own sibling?

Siblicide in Humans: Homicidal Violence Between Siblings

The term 'siblicide' originally comes from the animal kingdom where the killing of siblings is common place. Birds and insects most commonly engage in siblicide...
Parricide: when children kill their own parents.

The Psychology of Parricide: When Children Kill Their Own Parents

Parricide is a rare act of homicide however, it is an act which causes horror when the lives of parents are taken, often brutally, by their own offspring.
Masking Evil by Carol Anne Davis

Masking Evil: When Good Men And Women Turn Criminal

Masking Evil by Carol Anne Davis examines 37 killers, all were in good solid professions but revealed their hidden capacity for the darkest of crimes.

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