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The Lindbergh House

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: Did Charles Lindbergh Kill His Son?

When their firstborn child was kidnapped from their home on March 1st, 1932 and found murdered two months later, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh were the most famous couple in America.

The Moral Judgement On Woman Who Kill Their Babies

The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news, research, analysis and commentary committed to knowledge-based, ethical and responsible journalism....

From Double Murder to Death Row: Scott Peterson

Christmas is always a magical time of year, especially for a young couple expecting their first child. But on December 24th 2002, that magic was to end forever for Laci and Scott Peterson.

Why shouldn’t addiction be a defence to low-level crime?

Should addiction be a mitigating factor that lessens the responsibility for crime? And should the issue of whether or not addiction is a disease make any difference to that judgement?
London Underground Serial Killer Kieran Patrick Kelly

Unique Amongst Men? London Underground Serial Killer: Kieran Patrick Kelly

Serial killer Kieran Patrick Kelly was a complex character and one that needs to be properly investigated and understood.

Murder In A Small Town: The Sian O’Callaghan Case

In 2011, something happened that would make sure a small town in Wiltshire was never the same again. In this town, the crime rate was amongst the lowest in the UK, and everyone seemed to know everyone.
Some believe the infamous Jack The Ripper was in fact a Freemason and a Masonic cabal helped to cover his crimes and aid him in escaping justice.

Jack The Ripper: A Freemason?

One of the most famous alleged Masonic conspiracies surrounds one of the greatest unsolved murder mysteries of all time. Since he spilled his last drop of blood in 1891, it has been whispered that Jack the Ripper was a Freemason.

The London Underground Serial Killer

The London Underground Serial Killer is written by Geoff Platt, a former acting detective constable for the Metropolitan Police, and tells us of events that unfolded in the 1970 – 80’s. He examines a man who was just ‘ordinary looking’ but turned...

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