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What Makes A Serial Killer? Common Traits and Characteristics [Infographic]

Psychological research has been making some headway in discovering the key traits and characteristics common in serial killers.  Furthermore, this research highlights just how...
London Underground Serial Killer Kieran Patrick Kelly

Unique Amongst Men? London Underground Serial Killer: Kieran Patrick Kelly

Serial killer Kieran Patrick Kelly was a complex character and one that needs to be properly investigated and understood.
Serial Killer Groupies by RJ Parker

The Psychology of Serial Killer Groupies: Book Review

The reasons why a woman would wish to attach themselves so tightly to a man who has committed unthinkable acts is undeniably curious.

Inside The Brain of a Serial Killer [Infographic]

Serial killers continue to fascinate with the developing fields of psychology, criminology and neuroscience all looking to find out more about their minds and...
Geographical profiling map

Criminal Geographic Profiling Used To Identify Banksy

The criminal profiling technique of geographic profiling has been used in an academic research study to determine the real identity of the elusive street artist Banksy.

The Life Of Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline – Book Review

Serial killer Ted Bundy was a handsome and charming man at first glance, but he was a man who harboured dark thoughts and sinister intentions. A man who just before his execution, after receiving three death sentences for his crimes, confessed to the murder of 30 other women.

An Interview With True Crime Author Deividas Serevicius

Serial killers are an unique kind of individual. Their behaviour has fascinated psychologists, criminologists, journalists and the general public for years. To that end there is a never-ending stream...

Clutches of Madness: The Real Faces of Serial Killers

"Invisible until they don't want to be, some are charming and almost all manipulative. This book is an introduction to serial killers, including their...

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