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Welcome To Crime Traveller

Last updated 10th August, 2018

About Crime Traveller: Researching Crime & The Criminal Mind

Welcome to Crime Traveller

Launched in early 2016, Crime Traveller began as a writing outlet and blog covering key issues in crime and criminal behavior. Since then Crime Traveller has grown into a resource website with a focus on crime research and has become an engaging mix of scientific research, topical discussion articles, educational resources and true crime articles navigating the fields of criminal psychology, criminology, and forensic psychology. Plus, dedicated section for true crime non-fiction books and book reviews.

Crime Traveller aims to be educational and informative while providing engaging reads on a wide range of topics.  Readership now includes students, academics, teachers, writers and true crime fans at over 1.3 million page views and almost 500’000 visitors to date. With two free email newsletters every month for Criminal Psychology, Research and True Crime and True Crime Books and Reviews, it’s easy to ensure you stay up to date and never miss a post.

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Crime Traveller’s Editor

Fiona Guy is a UK based criminal psychology writer and researcher with a particular focus on the dark side of human nature.

With both Bachelors and Masters degrees, Fiona has studied psychology for over a decade and has spent a number of years working within scientific research and in the management of substance misuse and mental health services. You can contact Fiona through the Crime Traveller Contact Page.

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