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Explore the criminal mind, delve deep into criminal cases and follow the investigations hunting down criminals and those who kill through these true crime books. In-depth and engaging book reviews to help you discover new books and new authors within the true crime genre.

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Lionel Dahmer: A Father's Story

A deeply personal book from Lionel Dahmer, the father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, trying to understand his son's actions.

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Britain’s Most Notorious Prisoners

From Oscar Wilde to Charles Bronson, Stephen Wade explores the famous criminals of Britain, their prison time and what makes them notorious.

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SketchCop: Police Sketch Artist Reveals His Secrets

A fascinating inside look at the work of a police sketch artist, recreating the faces of suspects using just the fragmented memories of eyewitnesses.

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The Jolly Roger Social Club

A rundown social club and one killer intent on hiding his identity. William Holbert used the secretive lifestyle on Panama to get away with murder.

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