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Explore the criminal mind, delve deep into criminal cases and follow the investigations hunting down criminals and those who kill through these true crime books. In-depth and engaging book reviews to help you discover new books and new authors within the true crime genre.

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Kitty Genovese

Kitty Genovese: A Public Murder and its Private Consequences

A review of Catherine Pelonero’s true crime book on the 1964 Kitty Genovese murder, a brutal crime witnessed by 37 bystanders who did nothing to help.

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A Daughter's Deadly Deception

The Jennifer Pan Story: A Daughter’s Deadly Deception

Jeremy Grimaldi explores the secret life of Jennifer Pan which exploded in a murder plot in 2010 leaving her mother dead and her father riddled with bullets.

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Charlie Peace

Charlie Peace: Murder, Mayhem and the Master of Disguise

Charlie Peace was a man who over time became a master criminal and a charismatic individual who used his unique skills to almost every advantage.

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SK Groupies

The Psychology of Serial Killer Groupies

Why are serial killer groupies attracted to serial killers? Author RJ Parker explores why some women leave everything behind to marry a killer behind bars.

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Victorian Britain - Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers by Simon Webb

Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers: Violent Crime and Disorder in Victorian Britain

The popular image of Victorian Britain is an ordered, well-behaved and well-mannered society; it is not of an era littered with riots, violent muggings, and terrorist attacks. Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers by Simon Webb sets the record straight by laying bare the reality of Victorian crime.

Clutches of Madness: The Real Faces of Serial Killers

"Invisible until they don't want to be, some are charming and almost all manipulative. This book is an introduction to serial killers, including their traits, attributes, why they kill, how they get caught, profiling,...

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True Crime Japan

True Crime Japan: True Stories from a Japanese Courtroom

True Crime Japan tells of what happens between plea and sentencing in the Japanese courts in a fascinating true crime book by journalist Paul Murphy.

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John George Haigh

John George Haigh: The Acid Bath Murderer

A review of the John George Haigh serial murder case of 1944-49, where in order to hide his victims, Haigh dissolved their bodies in vats of acid.

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A Father's Story

Lionel Dahmer: A Father’s Story

A deeply personal book from Lionel Dahmer, the father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, trying to understand his son’s actions.

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Cold Serial

Cold Serial: The Jack the Strangler Murders

In his first historical true crime book, Brian Forschner uncovers an unknown serial killer who in 1900’s Dayton, Ohio brutally murdered five young women.

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A Good Month for Murder: The Inside Story of a Homicide Squad

Prince George’s County lies on the border to Washington DC and author Del Quentin Wilber gains full access to their homicide squad, shadowing them from the moment they get the call of a murder taking place.
The Jolly Roger Social Club by Nick Foster

The Jolly Roger Social Club: The Story of Serial Killer William Holbert

When caught in 2010, William Holbert confessed to the murders of five people in Panama and one in Costa Rica. His motive? Financial gain through taking over his victims properties after he had so callously taken their lives.
Victorian Convicts

Victorian Criminals: 100 Lives, Their Crimes and Their Punishments

"What was life like in the Victorian underworld – who were the criminals, what crimes did they commit, how did they come to a criminal career, and what happened to them after they were...

Scotland Yard’s Ghost Squad: Fighting Post-War Crime

"When the Second World War ended, England was bombed-out and starving, with practically every saleable commodity rationed. It was the age of austerity and criminal opportunity. Scotland Yard was 6,000 men under strength but...
The Blood On My Hands by Shannon O'Leary

The Blood On My Hands: An Autobiography by Shannon O’Leary

The story Shannon O'Leary has to tell in her autobiography The Blood On My Hands is chilling and it is terrifying. A child who endures a childhood full of terror is child that when grown into an adult, has to find a way to process and deal with their experiences.

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