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Topical articles on current crime and justice issues in the news from new and old criminal cases to trials and convictions both in the UK and abroad.

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Healthcare nurse Victorino Chua

Stepping Hill Angel of Death Nurse Victorino Chua Appeal Bid is Rejected

Healthcare nurse Victorino Chua, jailed for life with a minimum of 35 years in May 2015 for the murder of two patients at Stepping...
Stephen Port

Stephen Port Faces Further Charges as London’s Alleged Grindr Serial Killer

Across a 14 month period between June 2014 and September 2015, four men were found dead in Barking, East London. Deaths which have now...
Lonnie Franklin, the Grim Sleeper

The Los Angeles Grim Sleeper: Lonnie Franklin Jr

In 2016, Lonnie Franklin Jr, nicknamed the Grim Sleeper, was convicted of serial murder in Los Angeles, California. With murders committed between 1985 to 2010 the true number of his victims remains unknown.
Geographical profiling map

Criminal Geographic Profiling Used To Identify Banksy

The criminal profiling technique of geographic profiling has been used in an academic research study to determine the real identity of the elusive street artist Banksy.
London Crime Museum

The Crime Museum Uncovered

For true crime enthusiasts Scotland Yard’s ‘Black Museum’ (correctly called the ‘Crime Museum’) is a legendary institution. It’s also one that, until now, only the chosen few could actually enter...
The Fear Of 13 - Nick Yarris

Death Row Documentary ‘The Fear of 13’: Gripping, Captivating and Real

Described as a psychological thriller, you wonder whether ‘The Fear of 13’ is fact or fiction. Soon however, as you watch engaged and curious,...
Tony Tucker, (38), Patrick Tate, (37) and Craig Rolfe, (26) were found dead from gunshot wounds inside a range rover lying in a quiet farmland lane off the A130 at Rettendon, Essex in 1995.video

Rettendon Murders Documentary: Essex Boys The Truth

The 1995 Rettendon murders saw a triple gangland slaying. In Essex Boys: The Truth, the real story of what happened and the ensuing fallout...
Mass media and mass shootings

Media Coverage Of Mass Murders: Should A Shooter Be Named?

In every new mass shooting case, more documents, videos and social media messages are being found highlighting the thought patterns of an individual before...

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