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True crime articles focusing on indivdiual criminal cases featuring a range of guest authors from within true crime writing. Topics include the dark worlds of serial killers, their psychology and their crimes and case studies examining violence and murder, its impact on victims and on the families left behind.

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John Wayne Glover

The Granny Killer of Sydney: John Wayne Glover

Born in England in 1932, John Wayne Glover terrorized Sydney, Australia for over a year through brutal attacks on elderly women in the area. Connected together as through the work of one individual, the nickname The Granny Killer soon emerged from the media.
David Berkowitz now

New York City’s Son of Sam: David Berkowitz

During 1976-77 a series of shootings took place in and around New York City, shooting which appeared to be targeting teenagers in their cars.
Baltimore, Maryland has earned itself the nick name “Body-More, Murder-land”.

The Top 10 Murderers From Body-more, Murder-land

Thanks to a murder rate that ranks as one of the highest in the country, and as the setting of the HBO’s “The Wire”, Baltimore, Maryland has earned itself the nick name “Body-More, Murder-land”.
Canada's youngest serial killer, Cody Legebokoff

Cody Legebokoff: Canada’s Youngest Serial Killer

Only 14% of recorded serial killers are under the age of 20 when they start killing and Cody Legebokoff of Canada was one of them. A boy who grew up in British Columbia, he was popular, friendly and sociable with no hint of the violent and brutal behaviour that was to come.
Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey

The Steven Avery Case: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

In December 2015 Netflix released their emotive ten-part documentary film Making A Murderer following the case of Steven Avery and in final episodes his...
Lonnie Franklin, the Grim Sleeper

The Los Angeles Grim Sleeper: Lonnie Franklin Jr

In 2016, Lonnie Franklin Jr, nicknamed the Grim Sleeper, was convicted of serial murder in Los Angeles, California. With murders committed between 1985 to 2010 the true number of his victims remains unknown.
Eric Edgar Cooke

Australia’s Night Caller: Eric Edgar Cooke

From 1959 to 1963 Western Australia was in fear of killer nicknamed the Night Caller who would break into homes in the dead of...
Buried Skull

Irish True Crime: The O’Leary Family Murder

On 10th March 1924 a farmer named Michael Walsh was walking through a field in Kilkerran when he made a shocking discovery. Under a bush lay a sack which appeared to contain parts of a dismembered human corpse. A severed head lay some yards away...

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