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A range of articles within crime and justice with a look at individual criminal cases, current crime issues in the news and discussions covering the debates and questions around crime, criminal justice and punishment.

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Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony May Have Murdered Her Child By Accident Using Chloroform

The trial of Casey Anthony, a 22-year-old mother from Orlando, Florida held the public in fascination in a harrowing case of child murder in...
Andrea Yates

The Andrea Yates Case: A Tragedy Born From Postpartum Mental Illness

On 20th June 2001 in Houston, Texas, Andrea Yates drowned her five children one after the other in the bathtub of her family home. Four sons, John (5), Luke (2), Paul (3) and Noah (7), and one daughter Mary, just 6 months old.
The Lindbergh House

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: Did Charles Lindbergh Kill His Son?

When their firstborn child was kidnapped from their home on March 1st, 1932 and found murdered two months later, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh were the most famous couple in America.
Jennifer Pan was convicted in December 2014 of first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to murder, alongside her co-accused, Lenford Crawford, David Mylvaganam and Daniel Wong.

Jennifer Pan: The Girl Next Door Who Arranged Her Parents Murder

The Jennifer Pan case features some unique characteristics within the dark world of parricide. In Ontario, Canada in 2010 a home invasion became national...

The Moral Judgement On Woman Who Kill Their Babies

The Conversation is a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news, research, analysis and commentary committed to knowledge-based, ethical and responsible journalism....
Neuropcriminology and criminal justice

Will Advances In Neurocriminology Give Rise To A Criminal Disorder Being Identified?

Biological and neurological explanations for criminal behaviour raise key questions for not only how the criminal justice system can incorporate the science of neurocriminology, but if they do, whether criminal punishment as we know it can continue in the same vein.

35+ Best Crime Blogs & Websites

From true crime and wrongful convictions to criminal psychology and investigative reporting, here is a collection of more than 35 of the best crime blogs and websites on the internet today.

From Double Murder to Death Row: Scott Peterson

Christmas is always a magical time of year, especially for a young couple expecting their first child. But on December 24th 2002, that magic was to end forever for Laci and Scott Peterson.

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