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Book Reviews: Terms & Conditions

Last updated 1st July, 2018

Thank you for choosing Crime Traveller to review your true crime book.  This document advises you of the review process and the terms of agreement for Crime Traveller book reviews. Please read through these carefully. You will need to confirm you have read and accept these terms before your book can be accepted for review.

This Agreement (this “Agreement“) is made on the date in which a book review request form is submitted by you (” the Customer” or “you“). By agreeing to this Agreement and submitting a request for a review (the “Review“) of a book (the “Book“) by Crime Traveller, you as the Customer hereby irrevocably and unconditionally agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. Submission.

Upon submission of the Book Review Request Form, the Customer will receive an email to the email address supplied on that form, advising if the book has been:

i) Accepted for review: If the book has been accepted for review by Crime Traveller, the Customer will receive an email advising of this and an invoice for the review fee via PayPal will follow. Upon payment of the fee, the customer will receive an email from Crime Traveller with instructions on how they can provide a digital copy of the Book via email or Dropbox if the digital files are large. Upon its acceptance of the submission and payment being received, Crime Traveller will provide an estimated delivery date for the Review. The Review process will not commence until full payment of the fee and a digital copy of the Book has been received. Audiobooks and hardcopy books cannot be accepted.

ii) Queued for review: Due to availability, a Book may be accepted for Review but placed in a queue until the Review can be undertaken. Most books that are queued move forward for Review within 4 – 6 weeks, however, Crime Traveller cannot guarantee a time-scale for books queued for Review. The Customer will receive the Accepted For Review email from Crime Traveller once availability is in place and the Book review process can begin.

iii) Rejected for review: Some books may be deemed unsuitable for the Crime Traveller website and audience and therefore may not be accepted for Review. In these cases, the Customer will receive an email advising the Book cannot be accepted for Review.

2. Price and Payment.

The fee charged for the Review purchased under this Agreement is Crime Traveller’s then-current charge for the Review stated on the Request A Book Review webpage.  The Review fee is charged in British Pounds Sterling. Paypal will allow payment in the Customer’s own currency, for example, US Dollars, by converting the fee using the current exchange rate. Upon Crime Traveller’s acceptance of a book for review, the customer will be invoiced for the review fee via PayPal.  The customer will receive this invoice via email where they can pay securely through PayPal and have a payment receipt for their records.  The Review process will not commence until full payment of the fee has been received by Crime Traveller.

3. Cancellation

Crime Traveller may refuse a submitted request for a Review for any or no reason at any time in the process, regardless of receipt of payment. If Crime Traveller elects not to provide the Review, the Customer will be notified of such decision and Crime Traveller shall provide a refund for any payments made by the Customer in connection with such request for the Review. Upon the completion of the foregoing, Crime Traveller shall be fully released from all obligations to the Customer to provide the Review or otherwise.

4. Customer Acknowledgements.

The Customer hereby acknowledges and accepts that:

a) Review Format and Content. The Review will be between 800 and 1300 words in length plus a Review Summary and inclusion of direct quotes from the Book. Images to complement the Review and the Book content will also be included. Crime Traveller does use affiliate links within articles and book reviews and has affiliate relationships with Amazon, Waterstones, and The Book Depository. Affiliate links such as these may be included with the Review. Payment of the administration fee for the Review does not mean the review will be positive. Crime Traveller will use its best efforts to provide a Review that is impartial and unbiased but not necessarily favorable.

b) Review Subjectivity. The Review is subjective and shall be based solely upon Crime Traveller’s review of the content of the Book and reading experience. Crime Traveller may pass on an opinion in the Review based upon subjective interpretation of certain aspects of the Book including, but not limited to, the construct of the Book; the author’s purpose in writing the book, and presentation of factual content in the Book. The Customer’s intent and the Crime Traveller’s experience in reading the Book, in this regard, may not be aligned.

c) Review Publication. Upon completion of the Review, the Review will be published on the CrimeTraveller.org website. The Customer will receive an email including the direct URL link to the published Review and is free to distribute this link across their own social media channels or website(s).

d) Right To Publish and Promote. Crime Traveller reserves the right to publish and distribute all reviews published on CrimeTraveller.org without limitation. Crime Traveller will provide continued promotion of the Book via the published Review across Crime Traveller social media channels and on the Crime Traveller website.

5. Reproduction of Review

a) Ownership of Review; Limited License. Crime Traveller retains exclusive ownership of the Review and owns all intellectual property rights, title, and interest in any ideas or concepts related to the Review. When published, Crime Traveller grants the Customer a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, royalty-free right to reproduce the Review in its entirety or excerpt a portion of it for marketing or promotional purposes only. Crime Traveller reserves the right to revoke such license for any reason. Other than as set forth hereunder the Customer shall not make any use of any trademark, service marks or trade names of Crime Traveller.

b) Excerpt Policy. Any excerpts of the Review must be attributed to “Crime Traveller” and industry standard best practices for proper excerpting must be followed. These practices include, but are not limited to, the following guidelines: 1) if words are omitted from a quote, ellipses must be inserted in their place, 2) no words may be added to the review, and 3) the integrity of the review may not be altered.

6. Representations and Warranties; Indemnification.

You represent and warrant that (i) you are authorized to submit the Book for a Review, (ii) you have the full power, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to perform your obligations under this Agreement, and (iii) no portion of the Book infringes, violates or misappropriates any intellectual property rights of any other person. The Customer irrevocably releases Crime Traveller, and shall indemnify, defend and hold them harmless from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, claims, costs and fees (including attorneys’ fees) related to or arising in connection with the Review and any breach, alleged breach or non-performance of any covenant set forth in this Agreement.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability.

The Customer has no legal recourse, and may not threaten or commence litigation, if they do not agree with the Review or finds it objectionable. Crime Traveller specifically disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties against non-infringement, results to be obtained from the review and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of the review.

8. Disputes.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that no second reviews or refunds will be granted, regardless of the content or nature of the Review. All legal fees incurred by Crime Traveller in response to Customer claims or in obtaining injunctive relief hereunder shall be the responsibility of the Customer. Revisions of the Review will be considered only if it contains factual errors and shall only be granted in Crime Traveller’s sole and absolute discretion. Crime Traveller reserves the right to sever communications with the Customer after a final determination is made by the Editor of Crime Traveller with respect to any dispute related to the Review. If the Customer continues to make or attempts to make contact with Crime Traveller after such final determination, Crime Traveller may pursue all available remedies including, but not limited to, injunctive relief or other legal action.

9. Interpretation of Policy.

All matters and questions not specifically covered in this Agreement are subject to the final decision of Crime Traveller.

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