CrimeCon Is Coming To The UK: June 2021

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“Fans of true crime are not ghoulish macabre fans of serial killers or psychopaths but instead are sympathetic and empathetic fans of justice who are intrigued by the mysteries.” – Nancy Baughen, CrimeCon UK

CrimeCon is a weekend-long event designed to deliver an immersive interactive two days for fans of true crime. Expert speakers, interactive panels, and opportunities to learn and discover, bringing together those who work in the range of different fields that span true crime and those with an interest in the genre.

When you’ve watched all the documentaries, read all the books but you still want to know more, learn more, and experience more? It’s time to go to CrimeCon.

For the first time ever this event is coming to the UK. It will take place in London on 12-13 June, 2021 at the Leonardo Royal Hotel & Spa in St Paul’s.


The days of people’s interest in true crime being seen as weird, grotesque and born from an attraction to gore or serial killers are very much long gone. And thankfully so. People have an interest in this genre for a wide range of reasons and very few fit into this old school stereotype.

Psychology, justice, the criminal mind, victimology, cold cases and forensic science…just a few of the areas that capture attention, intrigue and a desire to learn.

You see CrimeCon isn’t about gaping at crime scene photos and excitedly discussing the graphic crimes of the latest serial killer. It’s about learning and discovering, understanding, and connecting.

CrimeCon brings together experts from across this field to give talks, hold interactive discussions and breakout sessions, and introduce attendees to new aspects of crime investigation, criminal cases, the criminal mind, and forensic analysis.

“Partnering with true crime TV channel, Crime + Investigation®, CrimeCon UK will bring together renowned criminologists, pathologists, leading law enforcement representatives, top level documentary makers, investigative journalists, and prime podcasters, creating over 50 wide-ranging hours of compelling and informative content through live shows, panels, immersive experiences and podcast row.”

“CrimeCon visitors aren’t passive viewers, they participate themselves, joining leading criminologists to get inside the minds of serial killers and renowned forensics experts to help examine evidence. Pathologists will help attendees discover what it’s like to be a real-life CSI, getting hands-on by examining forensic evidence from a famous case. They’ll learn interrogation techniques, test their detective skills, meet police K9 counterparts, question reformed criminals, deep-dive into unsolved cases and, most importantly, meet survivors and victim’s families – ensuring that those whose lives have been impacted by crime are never forgotten.”

We as human beings are curious by what frightens us there is no doubt about it, but we also have a drive for fairness, for kindness and for justice.  The minds of others are fascinating to many of us. The psychology of those who seek to harm others through physical violence or psychological abuse and coercion is something the majority of us don’t fully understand because we can’t imagine ourselves doing that to another human being. We are inquisitive, intrigued by those who do and do so willingly with a sense of purpose and enjoyment. These are just some of the reasons a lot of us are drawn to true crime. Why we are fascinated by case after case and why we have a yearning to know more and to understand more.

Some of the speakers lined up for London 2021: Christopher Berry-Dee, the UK’s number one true crime author, Deanna Thompson from Don’t F**k With Cats and Dr Sohom Das, a London based Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. See all the speakers booked so far at

CrimeCon provides a platform for like-minded people to get together. A place where experts, experienced investigators, forensic scientists, criminologists, and psychologists can come together. It’s a dedicated space for true crime talks, participation sessions and educational opportunities. Underlying it all is respect for the victims of crime and their families and advocacy for bringing them the justice they deserve.

“Woodcut Media, one of the fastest growing Indies and leading true crime producers in the UK who specialise in a broad range of factual programming, will present their TV brands as part of CrimeCon’s live experience. During the ‘How I Caught the Killer’ case focus session, visitors will be able to take a deep dive into a high-profile crime case with a panel of experts looking at how the killer was brought to justice. ‘The Murders That Shocked A Nation’ feature will look at some of the most infamous British crimes of the 20th century, including the Moors Murders, John Haigh and 10 Rillington Place, Mary Bell, the Brides in the Bath Murders and Ruth Ellis.”

“Partnering with Audioboom, Podcast Row welcomes some of the world’s favourite true crime podcasters, including ‘They Walk Among Us’, ‘Mens Rea’, and ‘UK True Crime’. In addition, new British content will be championed such as ‘Handcuffed’ and ‘Skinwalker’ and joining from oversees, international podcasters ‘Generation Why’, ‘Going West’ and ‘Paradise After Dark’.”

“CrimeCon has always helped support the families, victims, survivors, and associated charities of crime. No-one is ever featured, no case talked about without the families of any survivors or victims being consulted and approving. It is often a place where families can keep their story in the public eye and can keep media attention drawn to their plight.”

Here’s all the details and how to book:

CrimeCon UK Date: 12-13th June, 2021

Location: Leonardo Royal Hotel and Spa, St Paul’s London.


Use offer code CCUK04 to get a 10% discount on your booking!

Limited Early discounted Silver and Gold Package tickets are available at

COVID Proof Purchase – Tickets are completely protected. Should the event in June 2021 be altered in any way due to COVID-19 the event will be moved to a later date, tickets will be transferred automatically to the new dates or refunded in full immediately.

Silver Package £239 (Limited Early £219), includes: Access to all centre stage content. Access to immersive experiences. Access to over 20 of your favourite podcast hosts Meet & greet.

Shopping Gold Package £349 (Limited Early £329), includes: Priority seating to all centre stage content. Priority access to immersive experiences. Access to over 20 of your favourite podcast hosts Exclusive meet & greet. Shopping Access to VIP lounge. VIP Saturday night event VIP concierge.

Take a look at some of the videos from CrimeCon 2019 in New Orleans. You can watch the full videos at:

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Nancy Grace Speaks About Fighting For Victims

Serial Killers Among Us with John White

For full information about what’s on at CrimeCon UK, check out the website at You can also follow CrimeCon UK via social media on Facebook and Twitter.

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